Neapolitan Cribs

The figures have terracotta-sculptured heads with eyes made of glass. The hands and feet are carved in wood The cloth is often made of silk, enriched by sequins and laces. Halos and Joseph-sticks are manufactured in massive silver. Our cribs are fixed on antique wooden plinths, which are gold-plated and richly carved. The structure of the crib is made of wood and cork.

Crib figures
The formidable heads of the figures are clay-moulded and bisquet fired with paintet eyes of glass. Hands, legs and shoes are made of carved wood. The wired structure of the sculptures wears the fine clothing.

Infant Jesus

The magic of the artificial embodiment of the infant jesus (so called Bambino Gesu) is incomparable. Different prayer-rites had moulded the embodiments if the holy child. The wide range of the embodiments starts in the small artwork for the domestic adoration, via consolation for the nuns as a gift, and ends in th tall sculptures for liturgical use. But, not only the religious mystic which surrounds the jesus-child, but also the special aura and the artificial and historic value are incomparable.
Marion Romberger has restored some sculptures of the Hiky Mayr-Hinterkirchner Collection at Gardone.